FAIR - Future Artificial Intelligence Research / Spoke 8 "Pervasive AI"

Partenariato esteso PNRR - Participant: Giacomo De Palma

Giacomo De Palma è leader del Task 8.2.2 "Foundations of quantum machine learning in the hard sciences" del WP 8.2 "Founding principles of Machine Learning for controllable and explainable Artificial Intelligence"

Foundations of quantum machine learning in the hard sciences

Quantum neural networks have the potential to provide major advantages with respect to classical neural networks, but there is no problem of practical relevance yet where such advantage has been rigorously proved. This task consists in analyzing the training dynamics of quantum neural networks and the probability distribution of the functions that they generate through the lens of the emerging field of quantum optimal mass transport, and therefore rigorously determining their capabilities to outperform classical neural networks.



Giacomo De Palma

Professore associato

Start date: 1 January 2023

End date:  31 December 2025